Watch: Machine Gun Kelly Talks Eminem Feud In New Interview
Harsh words.
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The most passive aggressive dig…

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem definitely have a less than ideal relationship, the two trading shots after Em’s initial dig on his Kamikaze album. The two went back and forth, with MGK replying with ‘Rap Devil’, to which Em absolutely smoked him with his reply ‘Kill Shot’. The two have been relatively silent since, but now, MGK has opened up on the whole beef in a recent interview with Howard Stern, taking us all through his mental process during the whole ordeal.

Speaking on the debacle, MGK said “I’m asleep on my tour bus, and this guy drops a f**king album with like three songs consecutively talking about me. What the f**k you think I’m gonna do? Roll over and go back to sleep? Get the f**k out of here, you’re not going to hoe me. I said what I said, and respect the fight—that’s it.”

Then comes the most delicious part of the whole interview, with Kelly talking about how he’s not interested in beefs and more in friendships, stating “I’m just a different type though, man. I’m all about putting my arm around people, I’m not with shunning people, so I can’t relate. The last thing I ever want to be is an angry legend.”

Damn, that last sentence is hilariously brutal. We wouldn’t be surprised if Em saw this and started writing a diss just out of spite, but with the world being in such a shitty state right now, I don’t think many people would be too intrigued to hear what he has to say. Pretty hilarious, check the full clip below.



September 25, 2020
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