Watch: Kanye West Teases Lauryn Hill-Sampled Track ‘BELIEVE WHAT I SAY’
Bit of 'Doo Wop'.
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Glad to see him sampling like this again…

Kanye West has definitely been busy on Twitter lately, constantly posting random rants and streams of consciousness pertaining to industry deals, Adidas issues, family quarrels and just about everything you can think of. Now, he’s taken to the site to give us a taste of an unreleased song titled ‘BELIEVE WHAT I SAY’.

The tune samples of the hip hop GOATs Lauryn Hill and one of her biggest songs ‘Doo Wop’, as Yeezy loops the intro to the iconic smash that we all know too well. Against usual Ye fashion, the sample isn’t pitched up or down, massively sped up or anything, Ye using the OG track to set a perfect backdrop for some killer 808s and autotuned vocals. By the end of the clip Ye’s vocal arrangements perfectly meet Lauryn’s, yet not at all attempting to overwhelm or overshadow the original tune.

This isn’t the only time Ye has taken inspiration from Lauryn, sampling her song ‘Adam Lives In Theory’ in 2004’s ‘All Falls Down’ with Syleena Johnson (which is hands down one of his best songs to this day). Drizzy Drake also sampled her heartfelt bop ‘Ex-Factor’ way back in 2018 for his hit ‘Nice For What’, so it’s clear hip hop still has mad love for her, and that artists haven’t at all forgotten her influence or artistry.

We’re definitely hoping this tune is on his next album DONDA, but as always with Yeezy, only time will tell. Check the full snippet below.

September 29, 2020
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