Watch: Chance The Rapper Compares Justin Bieber’s Next Album To ‘Off The Wall’ By MJ
Hot take.
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Such high praise…

Hot off the release of their latest collaboration ‘Holy’, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper have reunited for a live stream to catch up and answer fan questions. After looking through chats and exchanging some friendly banter, the two got onto the topic of the new albums they were working on.

Chance quickly took charge of the conversation however, saying “I feel like we should talk about how fire your album is. Remember when we went to Chicago and we were all freaking out?”

Biebs laughed and reminisced, before stating that his new album includes “some of the best music” he’s ever made, to which Chance replied “I would say, I’m gonna, this is no cap at all and I said this to you in Chicago, it’s some of the best music I’ve ever heard, period. It reminds me of when Michael Jackson made Off the Wall. Everybody that’s listening…I promise you it is literally groundbreaking music. Stuff that’s, like, it’s just hard to explain and I don’t want to give away, like, the genres and all that stuff. But you went crazy and I already told you that. But, like, I’m just excited that everybody’s gonna get to hear that.”

That is literally one of the highest forms of praise possible, and no doubt Biebs was just a bit shook by it considering MJ is one of his heroes. I guess only time will tell whether Chano is on the money or not. Check out the full conversation below (the album talk starts around the five minute mark).


September 25, 2020
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