Video Premiere: SVNO Spreads Gorgeous Warmth In Video For ‘Make That Call’
So much steeze.
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Got us in our feels…

Gliding in smooth and steady, Western Sydney R&B powerhouse SVNO today drops his new tune ‘Make That Call’, along with a super heartfelt music video. Hot off the release of his debut single ‘Like We Do’ ft. ONEFOUR’s J Emz, SVNO continues to prove that although he thrives with the features and as a part of Planet Vegeta, he’s a total badass on his own, and boy, ‘Make That Call’ is stunning proof that he has endless potential as a solo artist. 

The track sees SVNO play with a mellow guitar loop as he croons in that warm, elixir-drenched voice, tugging on our heartstrings ever so softly, ever so honestly. The hook ‘You’re my rider, you make that call and I’m driving’ is essentially the emotional heartbeat of the ballad, SVNO baring his heart as he proclaims his love in the most authentic of fashions. He emanates an emotional tenderness that just invites us into his embrace, giving us a snapshot of what it means for him to love, and be loved.

The video captures the simple purity of the tune so perfectly as well, just focusing on SVNO and his partner, and honestly, it’s cute AF. Giving us an intimate glimpse into home life (including some beautifully lit rooms), the star takes all of the classic sensuality, steeze and heart inherent to R&B, and makes it totally his own, purely from the viewpoint of a man head over heels for his woman. No more, no less. It’s abundantly clear an endless amount of love and care went into the tune & video, and it definitely pays off, flooding the listener with a cathartic and medicinal warmth.

You can tell the tune is especially close to SVNO’s heart, and that he doesn’t at all take for granted the emotional resonance it carries. It’s a beautiful watch, and radiates a rare vulnerability not enough seen in contemporary music. It’s just really dope to see him share his life with us like this if we’re honest, clearly everything he does comes from a super mature and authentic place. Definitely check ‘Make That Call’ out, and be sure to keep up with SVNO on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his latest projects.

Words by Amar Gera September 24, 2020
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