Video Premiere: EAST AV3 Give Us A Taste Of The High Life In Clip For ‘rosé + sashimi’
First new track since RUGRAT$.
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The glitz, the glam.

Building on the hype of their debut RUGRAT$ EP, not to mention their tracks ‘Riding Through The Fire’ and ‘Le Labo’ receiving high rotation on triple j, Adelaide trio EAST AV3 return today with their cleanest single to date, ‘rosé + sashimi’. If you were looking for further evidence that their hot streak is no fluke, we’ve got it right here.

Combining a warbly bassline, an anthemic chorus and some classic EAST AV3 cheek, the track marks something of a shift for the lads who have dropped the trappy beats and complex samples in favour of showcasing their big hook abilities. Lyrically it centres around the group taking those first industry steps on their road to success:

“The origin of the song comes the night of our first show when we had a memorable dinner meeting with our record label A&R consisting of rosé and sashimi. We wrote the record not long after, just before our show at RCC and it was a last-minute addition to the set. The song is reminiscent of our life before and after we started monetizing our music and all the extras that come with it,” they say of the track.

Directed by Nicholas Muecke, the clip sees the group take on the art world, a ritzy Japanese restaurant, and the streets of Adelaide, all the while consuming more rosé than a doctor would recommend. Incorporating plenty of fisheye shots and pan whips, along with a typically exciting performance from the trio, means there isn’t a single dull second in there.

Words by Harry Webber September 3, 2020
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