Travis Scott Is Dropping Merch To Help Fans Stay Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic
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Never say La Flame doesn’t have a heart…

2020 has definitely seen the aesthetic lens of the world drastically change, with wearing a mask in public going from a rare sight to virtually inescapable (for good reason of course). But it’s safe to say that plenty of masks are a bit on the daggy side. I’m not trying to hate on masks, but it’s bloody hard to find one that looks dope af, but still protects your face to the highest degree. Well, Cactus Jack is coming through hard for his fans facing that very dilemma, selling his own coronavirus-related merch. His web store was updated just today to add branded hand sanitiser for $12 USD ($16 AUD), face masks for $25 USD ($34 AUD) and SafeTouch tools for $30 USD ($41 AUD).

Travis’ personality is peppered all throughout the drop, so they’re much more than just function. For example, masks have the Cactus Jack logo embroidered on one side, the spray bottle is 72 percent alcohol (don’t get any funny ideas) and is agave-scented. Finally, there’s the touch tool, which hilariously reads “I ain’t touching that shi*t”.

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Whether or not proceeds from sales will go toward charitable causes remains to be seen, but regardless you can check out the full store here.

July 31, 2020
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