Sydney Punks SoSo Go Big With Anthemic New Track ‘Skywriter’
Hell yes.
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That key change.

In a world where it feels like there’s more shit than ever that we ought to be screaming about, we’re thankful that bands like SoSo are here to deliver us tasty tracks like ‘Skywriter’ that we can release some of that pent-up angst to. Dropping today, the tune is further evidence that these guys have earnt that one-to-watch tag they’ve been carrying since they dropped ‘(Shit) Love Story’ a few months back.

‘Skywriter’ hits hard straight out of the gates with vocalist Rhys de Burgh unleashing an emotive performance that hits straight to your heart. Melodically the chorus is one of the most captivating we’ve heard in a while… until that key change that is… Strap yourself in for an outro that elevates this track to another level.

Lyrically, the tune centres around loneliness and human connection. “It’s easy to become disillusioned and assume you’re alone in times of tragedy. Understand that it’s a shared experience everyone can relate to regardless of social status, age, circumstances etc… ‘Skywriter’ is a gentle reminder that we’re not alone in that experience and I think that sometimes, that’s reason enough to wake up each morning,” de Burgh says.

What did we tell ya? Stay tuned for more from SoSo!

Words by Jack Bennett September 18, 2020
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