Joe Rogan Just Dropped A Podcast With Post Malone
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Safe to say no-one saw this coming…

Continuing to outdo himself with interesting af guests, Joe Rogan just dropped a podcast with hip hop megastar Post Malone, and it’s safe to say that this is the episode we never knew we needed. Sporting a completely tattooed head, the almost four hour conversation sees Posty get mad deep on making music, living in Utah, mandatory mask wearing and, of course, aliens and UFOs. Those are just a few of the topics they touch on, all between their joking around and just being general hooligans.

The comment section is top notch too, with commenters writing things like “This looks like a step-dad meeting his wife’s son”, “Post looks like Joe’s hidden son from a previous marriage” and perhaps the most outrageous “Post Malone is what Joe Rogan sees when he looks at his reflection on dmt.” If you’re ever in the mood for a laugh or two, Joe Rogan’s comment sections are more than enough to get you there.

It’s a really cool episode, and gives you a new insight into the megastar that is Post Malone. Check it below.



July 30, 2020
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