Gibrillah & Rellyman Link Up On New Track ‘Like That’
Fire visuals.
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Young Denzel made another movie.

Joining forces with Rellyman and long-time producer Domba on his first single of the year, West Sydney rapper Gibrillah is making his presence felt on ‘Like That’. Laying down a marker from the outset, the Bodega Collective MC drops in hard following a brief spoken intro. “You ain’t even seen the best of me yet, with the hammers all out while I’m serving that cheque. You don’t know about the times that we spent, in the studio tracking on these songs off my chest.” Donning ice cold flows and hard content in both verses, even Rellyman’s typically sweet vocals cut through with menace on the hook. “You ain’t built like that.”

The clip, directed by Levi Lamour, jumps between two settings; painting Gibrillah and Rellyman in two different lights. One side of their story is captured in a natural setting as they kick it at a house party while the other follows a more sinister narrative. With subtle drill elements woven into the layered production, that nod is explored further in the cinematic aspect of the video as Gibrillah and Rellyman plot and then carry out a move. UK influence aside, there’s an undeniable Western Sydney feel to the clip – just peep the argilleh at 1:04 and the pretty much constant presence of a TN cap somewhere on-screen. West Sydney to the world, check out the visuals for ‘Like That’ below: 

Words by Declan Whelan February 28, 2020
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