Watch: Playboi Carti Puts His Own Lyrical Spin On ‘Givenchy’
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Could so make that into a song…

Givenchy is getting inventive on the marketing side, recruiting Playboi Carti and his badass vocals to their latest campaign. The project is the fashion house’s first visual since Matthew Williams was appointed creative director in June, and if this is the new direction they’re taking their marketing efforts, we’re more than on board.

Carti can be heard throughout the video rapping the word “Givenchy’ in an absolute frenzy, utilising numerous pronunciations (both correct & incorrect) to sort of take the piss, but also just do something different, all the while adding Carti’s signature brand of cool to the whole project. The visual also features a printer printing off various Givenchy pieces, all in quick succession to almost match the speed with which Carti spits.

Speaking on the visual, Williams said “It was just so fun to hear him say the brand’s name over and over and over, in right and wrong ways, that it made it extra relevant to me. I wanted the message to be: It doesn’t matter how you say it, any way is right, as long as it’s your way!”

It’s a pretty sick visual which will no doubt get people talking. Check it below.


September 25, 2020
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