Watch: ‘Call Of Duty’ Season Five Trailer Brings The Heat With New Expansions
Including a downloadable crow!
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Gonna be perfect for passing the time…

Continuing to reinvent itself and revamp the gaming experience for players all across the world, Call of Duty is getting a major overhaul in its fifth season, which will be introducing to large changes to its Verdansk Warone map, along with new locales for multiplayer as well.

However, the main focus of the trailer and the new season is the revision to the Verdansk stadium, which now has the central roof totally gone. Thus, there’ll be no more opportunity for camping, and players will be able to enter and battle within the stadium location. The edit will lead to increased possibilities and strategies of attack for players, who no doubt will have to learn to adapt to the minimal cover.

The expansion will also feature a new travelling train, which is said to be home to loot boxes and will offer a cool new dynamic to players who want to remain mobile while staying in cover. The train will also have tanks on board, which will be totally bonkers if they’re able to be driven.

Multiplayer fans are also getting the goods, gaining a slew of new maps such as Suldal Harbour, Petrov Oil Rig as well as Livestock and the Verdansk airport location. It also appears that a new faction known as “Shadow Company” will be making its way into the game, which will bring about new skins, gestures and finishing moves, including an actual crow (we’re not kidding) which will be used for attack.

Call of Duty Season Five will begin on August 5 for Xbox One, Playstation 5 and PC. Check the trailer below and get keen.

August 4, 2020
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