Pornhub To Debut Its First Ever Non-Adult Film ‘Shakedown’
Apparently docos are the new porn?
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Pornhub is diversifying its catalogue, hosting its first official non-pornographic film. 

Where previously the only videos on besides actual porn were user uploaded attempts at humour (head here for the unofficial hall of fame), Leilah Weinraub’s critically acclaimed independent film Shakedown – an hour long documentary that delves into Los Angeles’ lesbian strip club scene in the early 2000s – will be hosted on a separate Pornhub domain for the month of March. The film has previously been screened at Whitney Museum and MoMA and will eventually hit iTunes some time this year. 

In a statement, Pornhub said it, “believes that Shakedown is an essential piece of L.A. history, of radical queer filmmaking and of contemporary video art and is pleased to present the film here for the month of March.” Using its far-reaching platform to uplift queer voices while also branching out into non-adult film and supporting the arts seems like a win-win to us and if the trailer (which is honestly bananas) is anything to go by, the film itself looks an enthralling watch. 

Shakedown debuts on Pornhub this Wednesday 4 March (USA) and will be available to stream for free worldwide for the rest of the month. 

Words by Declan Whelan March 4, 2020
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