Rebel With A Cause By Bianca Beers
Coming in hot this December!
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For her debut show Bianca Beers is going big with “A Rebel With A Cause”, a showcase of our  collective stories and individuality brought to live with vivid vibrancy and arresting images.

Beer’s first solo exhibition is an inclusive-driven exhibit celebrating people and their stories. The exhibit features portraits of friends and colleagues of varying ethnicities, ages, genders, beliefs, backgrounds and lifestyles, and aims to celebrate those differences while illustrating the similarities of the human experience.

The exhibit springs from Bianca’s love of individuality, character and expression, and her longing to bring people together in love and understanding.

The open night will be a celebration with drinks, music and live performances to enjoy and will be held at Freedom Hub, a not-for-profit venue that donates 100% of proceeds to alleviating human trafficking. Entry is free but should you wish, you may donate to this worthy cause when ordering your ticket.

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‘A Rebel With A Cause’ opens December 5, 7pm- 11pm, The Freedom Hub 283 ,Young Street. Brews will be provided by Pabst beers so make sure to get down there! 

For more info click here , follow @biancabeer

Words by Andrew Yee November 21, 2019
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