Illustrated Interview: Stellar Leuna
Be afraid, be very afraid!
Mad Love 7m

Stellar Leuna has always held a deep appreciation for the darker sides of life.

Since 2014 Leuna has become one of the most prolific and stylistically distinct Australian artists. The Sydney based creative has developed a body of work that is steeped in images of the macabre- monochromatic scenes of brooding witches, dangerous youths and haunted houses are brought to life with an attention to detail that shows the love Leuna has for the worlds she creates. If Leuna was an artist back in the 90’s, her work would probably be canvassing posters and album covers strewn across an angsty teenager’s bedroom, with Sonic Youth blaring in the background.

Over the years an enviable list of clients, publications and galleries have taken notice, including Prada, Netlfix, GQ, Tiffany and co, Vans, The Galeries Victoria and more. Recently Leuna has created her own comic Shove, a collection of short stories that ooze the type of menace born from the monotony found in suburban living.

We caught up with Leuna in the best way possible…an illustrated interview!

Find more info and works of Leuna’s here. Follow @stellarleuna

Leuna is also apart of the  heavy metal band Potion, check out our interview with them here, and find more info about them here.

Words by Andrew Yee March 18, 2020
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