Watch: Deuxronin Squad Up In Epic New Visuals For ‘RONIN GANG’
Gang, gang, gang.
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Western Sydney hip hop duo Deuxronin are back with more heat.

Their first single ‘Kamikaze’ premiered on Highsnobiety back in 2017 and the duo – made up of rapper Monix and producer Ra Kitano – have channeled that momentum into a series of rebellious and liberating releases since. Their sound is a mix of old and new traditions, paying homage to hip hop gospel while experimenting with contemporary trap elements with booming, empirical production and incisive rap delivery.

Similarly, the visuals for the third instalment in the Ronin Saga ‘RONIN GANG’ are a mashup of cultural and temporal worlds, from futuristic-samurai aesthetics to katanas and crosshairs. Whatever your weapon of choice, ‘RONIN GANG’ is an open invitation for those challenging the status quo to join the Ronin movement. And, in tearing down barriers Deuxronin stand for two things; a rebellion of thought and a revolution of culture. Check out the wild clip for RONIN GANG below:

Words by Declan Whelan July 10, 2019
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