Video Premiere: Western Sydney R&B Artist A.GIRL Unveils Bona Fide Visuals For Her Debut Single ‘2142’
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Since its release, ‘2142’ has been added to rotation on Triple J Unearthed and FBi Radio as well as being picked up for various Spotify playlists, notching an impressive 20k in its first few weeks. Today we’ve got the visuals to match. 

Produced by Taka Perry, the song is about A.GIRL’s experiences growing up in the suburbs of Western Sydney and samples actual audio of a young woman she knows being arrested by police in the 2142. From the word go, A.GIRL exhibits a consciously refined cadence which naturally evolves into a broody, defiant and self-aware chorus, before eventually showing off her vocal range with an intoxicating bridge amidst the aforementioned arrest sample around the two and a half minute mark.

Shot in the streets of South Granville, the clip’s aesthetic is a blend of old and new, mixing iconic 90s style hip hop imagery and visual references throughout with contemporary styles. On the video, A.GIRL said: 2142 is about my hood, my homies, and our local struggles. It was super important to me that the video captured this authentically but also make sure the visuals are fire. The first shot is at my front door steps, the people are all locals – no actors – and the news footage is of real crime stories in my area.”

On the latter, the clip also sets out to shine a light on the dissociation people experience from real life stories we might see or hear on the news that don’t have immediate or personal proximity. Cutting briefly from South Granville to a middle-class living room where a family passively consume violent crime stories from the 2142 postcode, it’s a comment on the way that people are desensitised to or unmoved by trauma that doesn’t impact a person or area they know. Check out the video for ‘2142’ below and keep an eye out for A.GIRL as she continues her promising early rise through Sydney’s hip hop and R&B infusing ranks :

Words by Declan Whelan July 23, 2019
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