Premiere: We’re Swept Up In Stu Larsen’s ‘Hurricane’
Travellin' and tunin'.
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The nomadic muso drops one of his finest to date.

On a seemingly never-ending 12-year global tour that has seen him travel five continents, play hundreds of shows and amass legions of global fans, Stu Larsen’s vagabond lifestyle is certainly a unique one. Owning little more than a guitar, suitcase and a couple of cameras, he’s managed to cut out the things in his life that aren’t important to him, leaving only travel, photography and music. The latter of which we’re stoked to be sharing with you today.

‘Hurricane’ it the latest single from his forthcoming third LP, Marigold, and perhaps his most direct. Here he swaps acoustic plucking or solemn strumming we’ve heard from him previously for a more up-tempo jam that you’ll find yourself grooving to almost immediately. There are some beautifully shimmering guitar lines too, not to mention plenty of vocal hooks that are paired nicely with punchy lines.

The energetic nature of the tune align with the track’s lyrics which centre around a chaotic and short-lived relationship. “I came into her life so unexpectedly and turned everything upside down, she felt things she hadn’t felt before and maybe didn’t know how to respond, which turned the relationship into such a rollercoaster. ‘Hurricane’ is a short and punchy song that starts and finishes before you have a chance to settle into it,” Larsen says.

A testament to his wandering lifestyle, his next shows are in Toowoomba, Tokyo, Botswana, Istanbul and Munich, all of which are part of a huge world tour. Be sure to catch a show when he drops into your continent (tickets here) and don’t forget to get your ears around Marigold when it drops on April 3rd.

Words by Harry Webber February 27, 2020
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