Local Vibe Providers The Regime Drop Debut EP If It Is, It Is! Isn’t It?
And they're throwing a launch party to celebrate.
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Groove spacetrain/love conversion therapists/Sydney funk outfit The Regime have been going hard in the live music scene over the last few years and are finally on the board with their debut EP If It Is, It Is! Isn’t It? 

Odds are that if you frequent King St, you’ve probably seen The Regime jamming out the front of Newtown Station or on stage at any number of local music haunts. Either way, if you’ve seen them perform live you know that they always roll deep (we’re talking anywhere between 10 and 20 musos on stage at any given time) and that they always get the front few rows’ (at a minimum) moving in time with their funky and soulful numbers. If It Is, It Is! Isn’t It? is a collection of tracks recorded in lead-singer Liam Stacey’s bedroom over the past couple of years and where their free-spirited front of singers and rappers are let loose, they are also backed by a talented crop of musicians who ensure a sonic awareness and cohesion within their experimental style of expression. 

If It Is, It Is! Isn’t It? is available to stream now via Spotify and will be up across all major streaming platforms in the coming days. Head over to their Facebook event to get the low on the launch party at The Lansdowne tonight where Bin Juice, Kyoshi and Fly Waves will all be playing in support

Words by Declan Whelan August 17, 2019
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