Listen: Alison Wonderland And Phem Link Up For ‘Tiger King’ Banger ‘W.W.C.B.D.’
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Hauntingly beautiful…

It’s fair to say the world has been united in a singular quest to understand Tiger King in all its maniacal glory ever since it was first released. The docu-series has left us with so many burning questions, with its characters doing nothing to ease our queries.

But perhaps the biggest question to arise from the series is “Did Carole Baskin feed her husband to the tigers?” It’s a simple question that’s been bugging the world for weeks now. And even though we might never get an answer, Alison Wonderland and Indie artist Phem have come through for us by asking an equally important question “What Would Carole Baskin Do” in their gritty new bop ‘W.W.C.B.D.’

Featuring some raw guitar strumming juxtaposed with Phem’s haunting vocals and Alisons transcendent production, the bop takes us through all of the emotions associated with Tiger King and the questions it raises.

“What would Carole Baskin do? She would probably murder you. What would Carole Baskin do? Feed you to the tigers but I can’t because this virus got me paralysed.” Damn that hits close to home. Imagine if the pair did a full album centred around Tiger King? Safe to say we’d be the first in line just going off this beauty.

The track is 1 minute and 29 seconds of pure euphoria, with Alison and Phem being a lightning duo that bring us an insane amount of feels for a song that’s about a zookeeper. Here’s hoping they bring us plenty more collabs real soon…


April 10, 2020
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