Kita Alexander Will Hit You Right In The Feels With New R&B Banger ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’
We forgive you.
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We’ve had this one stuck in our heads since catching it on triple j last night.

Swaggering beats, swooning vocals and heart-on-sleeve lyrics – what more could you want from R&B singer-songwriter Kita Alexander. With ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’, the Northern NSW artist has added another smoothly executed slice of pop to her ever-growing back catalog of tunes that occupy that space between dancefloor banger and indie-pop anthem.

The track feels like something of a confession for her, with the lyrics examining her own faults in a relationship that has gone south. That said, we can forgive you for not catching every word as you hold out for the big drops and beat, which nearly feel like a continuation of her 2019 track, ‘Between You & I’.

“The song is very truthful, and almost word-for-word, to be honest,” Kita says. “I really looked at myself. ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’ is a reflection of turning inwards rather than pointing the finger at someone else. Because I’ve realised you can’t control anyone or anything. You can only control your reactions and your emotions.”

We’re not saying that we hope she gets her heartbroken by any means, but it does make for some good listening… Head here to buy/stream ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’.

June 26, 2020
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