Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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With the music industry having undergone a total transformation and being forced to adapt in the first half of 2020, the second half of this chaos-filled year is definitely shaping up to a straight up tsunami of killer tunes and addictive tracks. Thus, we’re back with another five local tunes by local artists that we’re bumping on repeat. From R&B jams to psychedelic bangers and gorgeous pop bops, we’re truly spoiled for choice with the diversity of tracks we have for you today. They’re seriously sick, and you should get on these local artists right now.

Check it below.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – ‘Mr. Prism’

Perth’s mind melters Psychedelic Porn Crumpets more than deliver on ‘Mr. Prism’, the tune a supercharged firework spreading wild af but good natured vibes wherever it’s played. The tune’s arrangement matches the wildness it emanates, starting with a chaotic build before going into a killer solo and transitioning into a slower, more steady banger. The track as a whole is a journey and a half, and gives you an insight into the creative growth Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have undergone throughout their years on the road. Although we’re missing the moshpits and overall insanity live gigs of old entailed, ‘Mr. Prism’ definitely manages to get us there and then some.

Emalia – ‘Suga Rush’

Sydney R&B songstress Emalia comes through with endless heart on ‘Suga Rush’, her mad vocals laying atop the guitar driven beat ever-so perfectly. Hot off killing Like A Version, Emalia more than proves she’s a force to be reckoned with on the new tune. The bop sees her call back to the OGs of the genre, as she reaches deep within, deeper than most are capable of in fact. The result is overwhelmingly lovely, as she comes through with a straight up heater that rivals the ferocity of Queen B herself. The track oozes that inescapable air of destiny, which you just know that Emalia is taking it into her own hands, set on a one way track to greatness.

GRAACE – ‘Body Language’

Sydney’s own GRAACE is no stranger to dropping super slick tunes, with past tracks like ’21st Century Love’, ‘Hard to Say’ ft. I.E. and of course ‘Numb’ with Hayden James lighting up the stratosphere with their immeasurable stardust. Featuring some stellar production from Aussie EDM gods Hayden James and Cassian, GRAACE hits the perfect sweet spot between sultry bop and pop banger with new release ‘Body Language’. Of course, her vocals are totally on point, coming through with some addictive harmonies in the hook that that show a musical understanding and mastery far beyond her years. She’s an absolute delight, and if you’re as in love as much as we are, you should definitely check out our TWENTYFOUR with her here.

San Cisco – ‘Messages’

Fremantle’s San Cisco are total pioneers in Australia’s indie pop scene, constantly churning out grooves like ‘About You’, ‘Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?’ and ‘Too Much Time Together’ that sneak into the hidden parts of the heart to fill them with pure joy & fuzzy love. ‘Messages’ sees drummer Scarlett step behind the mic to show off those enchanting vocals, singing about “shitty friends” and the frustration we sometimes get with our nearest and dearest. The tune as a whole just gets to the underlying truth of friendships and the inescapable fact that it’s a two way street. Without giving too much away, the band totally smashes it, curating a sweet af tune that makes for some super wonderful listening.

The Moving Stills – ‘Your Standards’

The Central Coast’s The Moving Stills take it nice and easy on ‘Your Standards’, still blessing us with that classic surf flavouring we’ve come to love from the four piece, but in a real focused and dialled in manner. Tom Mahler’s vocals make you feel like you’re a fly on a wall at one of their garage jams, all the while transporting us to our local pub with our best mates, downing a couple of brews and watching the sun go down. It’s quite mesmerising if I do say so myself, and no doubt that if the boys continue to come through with zingers as lighthearted and punchy as this bad boy, they’re gonna be impossible to escape in the near future.

Words by Amar Gera August 6, 2020
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