Gucci Mane Announces Collaboration With Gucci & New Album
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Coming full circle…

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is definitely out here making big moves, recently announcing a deal with his namesake, Gucci. Taking to Twitter (where almost all announcements are made nowadays) the ‘Champions’ rapper announced that “It’s official I’m getting my own brand at @gucci. I hope they ain’t lying.”

He did however follow up the tweet with some contradictory statements, asking his followers “Should I renew my contract with @gucci ??????? Or go independent.” He then posed a similar question pertaining to music, querying his followers by asking “Should I renew contract with @Atlantic records or go independent big press conference July 3rd”.

The record label quip wasn’t out of nowhere however, with Gucci announcing earlier this month that he would leave Atlantic Records over racism. Since then, he’s teased starting his own label. It’s unclear what he’s got cooking up behind the scenes, but if he’s copped a deal with Gucci, that’s pretty sick. But according to Gucci we’ll get all the answers and more when Gucci drops his new album Icy Summer July 3. No doubt we’ll be going over those lyrics with a fine tooth comb to suss what Gucci’s got going on…

June 26, 2020
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