Video Premiere: Doctor Goddard’s ‘Canyonero’ Marries Surf Film & Psych Rock Perfectly
Great combo.
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Image by Maria Boyadgis //

Surf and psych are our peaches and cream.

Do you remember the Canyonero from The Simpsons? It was the 4WD endorsed by Krusty The Clown in season nine and it had a theme song that featured some whip-crackin’ country music. It’s got a similar vibe to Doctor Goddard’s track of the same name, that we’re premiering today… It’s too crazy to be a coincidence right?

Either way, the video couldn’t be more different. Here, the Inner-West four-piece have teamed up with surf director Nick Colbey who’s lent them some footage from his surf film Hooroo. There’s something so satisfying about watching guys pull into juicy-looking barrels, with the howling of Doctor Goddard’s Mikael and Nicholas Sandström and a thumping beat pulsing behind them.

The desolate feeling we get from Colbey’s footage, both in and out of the water, captures the frontier flavour of the tune perfectly, with the song’s inescapable electricity seemingly fuelling the visuals in return. And let’s face it, a cameo from Occy never bloody hurts right? Peep the video below (along with the OG Simpsons clip for some lols) and head here to stream/buy the track and here to check out Hooroo.

Words by Harry Webber June 26, 2020
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