New Chicken-Scented KFC x Crocs Collab Is Perfect 2020 Energy
Two worlds colliding.
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Get your sniff on…

Continuing the trend of straight-up insanity that has defined 2020 in true style, fast-food chain KFC and Crocs are teaming up for a new croc collab (we’re not making this up). The new clog is covered in a chicken print and features a detachable fried chicken-scented charm (WTF!).The shoe also pays tribute to KFC founder Colonel Sanders and the fruits of his labour with the red and white detailing on the outsole.

This isn’t the first time Crocs has teamed up for a collab however, having previously teaming up with brands like Beams, Chinatown Market and art megastar Takashi Murakami.

Even though these probably won’t be the ideal shoes to wear the club or your next house party (whenever restrictions allow), these will definitely be a good investment. You might think we’re kidding, but market data from StockX (the store selling the beloved crocs) show that the shoe is selling for an average of $200 USD ($279 AUD). Considering the how weird and whacky has been, should we surprised? You can cop the shoes from StockX here.


July 29, 2020
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