Julian Klincewicz Enlists 14 Artists To Re-Imagine Vans Kicks In Weird And Wonderful Ways
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Vans’ collaborative spree is wielding some of their coolest results yet.

You’ve probably noticed that over the past few months Vans have been opening up their design room to artists, labels and even National Geographic to deliver fresh takes on their classic kicks. Endeavouring to offer up Vans as a kind of blank canvas for some of the coolest entities in the world has meant there’s never a dull moment at Vans HQ and we’re once again happy to share their latest (and on of the greatest) collab, with multidisciplinary, Southern California-based artist Julian Klincewicz.

Adding Vans to his list of partnerships, which already includes Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Calvin Klein (under Raf Simons), and Louis Vuitton, Klincewicz has enlisted 14 artists to offer their interpretation of the Vans Bold Ni. On top of this he’s also re-imagined Bold Ni in three different colourways; Eden, Black Beauty, and Grey Ridge.

“I think what’s always been interesting to me is when things have layers to them, when an object represents something bigger than the sum of its parts and takes on a life of its own,” Klincewicz says. “For me shoes have always been such a part of defining identity, and I was thinking a lot about what goes into your identity, and how to make something that could, on a very basic level, function as a reminder that identity does not exist in a vacuum — it’s something that’s meant to be shared. I love the idea that we are not alone — we’re all humans. We’re in it together.”

Check Eden, Black Beauty, and Grey Ridge and some of the creative pieces below, head here to shop them when they goes live August 1st, and peep the full gallery and artist credits for the Vans creations here:

Words by Harry Webber July 29, 2020
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