Anything But Ordinary: Yasmin Suteja Is Rewriting The Social Media Rulebook With Her New Short Film
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Sydney-based creative all-rounder Yasmin Suteja is pushing platform boundaries with her latest project, an interactive Instagram fashion film.

Released in three instalments and with a narrative decided by audience poll votes on her Instagram story, the interactive short film is a product of Suteja’s desire to explore the role of the modern ‘prosumer’. That is, people who simultaneously create and consume content online.

“I’m interested in the digital realm and the social media sphere. The actual mechanics of that. How we use technology, how we use social media, how that has changed our generation and how that has changed the world,” Suteja said.

Fans of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will appreciate the agency afforded by this concept as well as its unique execution with one community driven narrative and no takebacks. Involving her followers throughout the staggered release, Suteja also checked in to ask why people were voting for a particular outcome with a view to understand and connect with her audience on a deeper level. 

She said: “I’ve always seen it and I guess it’s been built [Instagram] as a platform that is open to conversation that is a two-way conversation. But I haven’t really seen that notion being challenged and that’s exactly what I want to do.”

Without giving too much away, Suteja stars in the mysterious fashion film serving up a series of striking looks. The unsettling background music expertly builds suspense and the end-product is cohesive, compelling and personal in a way that makes a strong case for the potential of new interactive media across social platforms. Watch this space. 

You can see the film’s final cut below and catch up on all the action via @yasminsuteja’s Instagram story and profile. 

Words by Declan Whelan February 21, 2019
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