These Are The Top 20 Most Expensive Countries To Live In
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It’s fair to say living is getting more and expensive now on a mass scale, from food to housing to medicine. To top it off, countries themselves are increasing in their cost to live, and of course it all combines and makes it harder and harder for people to get by. CEOWORLD Magazine did a little researching into all of the above to to find out what countries were the most expensive to live in in 2020, and not surprisingly European countries dominated the list.

CEOWORLD analysed several metrics and collated data from dozens of studies, as well as cross referencing the consumer price index and the Numbeo Cost of Living Index. The magazine then compared statistics across costs of living, with factors like clothing, transport, groceries and more all taken into mind.

Check out the full list below.

Most Expensive Countries In The World To Live In, 2020:

1. Switzerland

2. Norway

3. Iceland

4. Japan

5. Denmark

6. Bahamas

7. Luxembourg

8. Israel

9. Singapore

10. South Korea

11. Hong Kong

12. Barbados

13. Ireland

14. France

15. Netherlands

16. Australia

17. New Zealand

18. Belgium

19. Seychelles

20. United States

March 5, 2020
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