Throwback Thursday: Five Iconic Scenes from MTV’s ‘Punk’d’ Ft. Kanye, Shaq, Biebs + More
Prepare to cringe.
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Now is the perfect time to binge your heart out and we’ve got just the thing for it.

You probs remember MTV’s Punk’d it was basically a prank show wherein Ashton Kutcher rolls around making celebrities look like absolute douchebags. It’s pretty horrible, but it’s ok because they’re celebrities right? Check out below where Kanye, Shaq and more all cop it bad from Kutcher and co.

Kanye West on the set of iconic Film Clip for “Jesus Walks”.

Shaq takes somebody’s parking spot in LA and then his tires get slashed.

A baby faced Bieber flips the prank on Miley.

Omarion gets caught with daddy’s little girl.

Missy Elliot loses her temper in the jewellery store.



March 26, 2020
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