Mark Ruffalo Tipped To Star In HBO ‘Parasite’ Limited Series
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Fresh off the back of cleaning up at the Oscars, we’ve got more Parasite news to get excited about.

Ahead of winning FOUR Oscars (and a further two nominations) at this year’s 92nd Academy Awards, Bong Joon Ho’s edge-of-your-seat thriller Parasite was announced to be getting the HBO treatment as an expanded six hour film/ six-part limited series. The American Premium Television Network has laid on all-time classics like The Wire, The Sopranos, and more recently Westworld and Euphoria, and if we weren’t already excited about the prospects of more Parasite, Mark Ruffalo’s rumoured courting as the series lead has turned the excitement dial up to 11.

It’s all just rumours at this stage, but we’re fully on board. According to reports from Collider, “Plot details for the series remain scarce, and the characters won’t necessarily mirror those in the film, so it’s hard to say whom, exactly, Ruffalo will be playing.”

If the rumours are true, we’re sure Mark will find a way of leaking the news in the not too distant future. Like that time he forgot to go off Facebook Live at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere. That one actually turned out to be a great bit of PR for the film, with more coverage around the Ruffalo incident than the film itself. That said, we’re not convinced it was a stroke of genius and not just a hulk-sized blunder that somehow worked itself out. Regardless of who’s starring in it, bring on the HBO adapted ‘Parasite’. Production is likely to commence in 2021, so until then I guess we’ll just be re-watching the celebrated Korean film.

Words by Declan Whelan February 11, 2020
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