Gotta Feel For Him: Ben Cousins Stumbles Badly Over Drug Use Question In New Interview
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Embattled former AFL star takes about 30 secs to answer a yes/no question about drug use.

It’s pretty sad to see how drugs have torn through Brownlow Medalist Ben Cousins’ life. Once at the top of his game, the former West Coast and Richmond player has drifted into obscurity over the past decade since his playing career finished. After years of widely publicised battles with drug use, you’d hoped that he’d cleaned up his act by now and would be working quietly away in behind the scenes for one of his former clubs, imparting his wisdom of the game and life onto youngsters. That doesn’t seem like the case though.

On Sunday night Channel 7 will be airing the first interview with Cousins in 10 years and have released some footage of it showing a 41-year-old man that hardly resembles the promising youngster. In one tense trailer that can be viewed HERE, Cousins is asked whether he’s used drugs in the five days since they started filming the piece, to which he gives a stuttering and seemingly untrue response.

The shortened version of his answer is in a trailer below:

March 27, 2020
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