Mad Love, Ep 30: Sexpo 2019
We're back in it!
Mad Love 10m

It was a cold day in Melbourne, my friends. Let me tell you that.

Teeth clattered and goosebumps scaled bare skin as the wind relentlessly cut through layers of jackets like a sharpened buzzsaw. But the infamously chilly Melbourne weather was a blessing in disguise, as it highlighted the fact that there was nowhere hotter than Sexpo!

We threw all preconceived notions of what to expect thrown out the window after last year’s enlightening experience, and went into Sexpo with open minds and cheeky smiles. This year’s offerings didn’t disappoint in the slightestfrom a Jeep filled with condoms, Cirque du Soleil level performers twisting around poles while breathing fire, male strippers shredding molten hot licks on screaming guitars, and even a stool equipped with a pulsating dildo protruding through a cushion. There was a little something on offer for everyone. 

Sexpo has long been Australia’s premier adult exhibition, but as we move further away from archaic sexual beliefs, the term ‘adult’ gets broader and broader each year. Walking around the showroom floor (in my huge red parka jacket), I realised that sex isn’t just something we do, it’’s an experience. It can be  shared acts of intimacy behind closed doors, an individual form of expression, and even fashion inspiration. Sex has become something that is defined by those participating, not those judging from the outside. 

Time can only tell what is in store for Sexpo’s future. As we inevitably change, so will Sexpo. But I hope that two things remain the same… 

  1. That none of the vendors, performers and patrons ever apologize for how they express themselves,
  2. And that the sweets guy keeps selling that sour cola-flavoured ribbon candy!

Shout outs to the good people at Sexpo for helping putting this together and everyone featured in the video (@magicmenlive, @intamcywhisperer, @thefuelgirls)! And huge bigs up to Johanna Ng for helping film this episode! See ya at the next Sexpo!

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Words by Andrew Yee December 11, 2019
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