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The name Wez Lew might sound a little familiar to you if you’re an LWA follower. Last month we featured a facetime photoshoot the South African snapper pulled off whilst in iso with Dutch babe Chantal van Dalen, and since then we’ve been frothing on his pics so much, we thought we oughta take a deep dive and feature him in Frames.

Having picked up (well, technically stolen a 550D Canon from his dad) about 10 years ago, the 26-year-old has built a solid portfolio that includes surf photography, landscape and fashion, shooting both digital and 35mm. He’s not one of those “jack of all, master of none” type guys either, with Wez clearly having dedicated many hours to each discipline, resulting in some stunning shots.

There was one close call whilst shooting overseas, however. “I guess my craziest experience would be me and my best friend nearly dying in Hawaii from a missile that never came,” he says recounting the false missile alert that went off all around the US island back in 2018. Jeepers…

Check out some of Wez’s tastiest pics below and head here to see more of his work on Instagram:

Richard Kidd in Purple funky studio shoot we did a while back. Yes I do shoot males too haha.

A perfect empty from a local break wear the boys in grey suits visit more then tourists.

A 35mm shot from the festival ‘Afrikaburn – this was one of my favourite structures / art pieces that burnt down. /on portra 400.

Ian Crane & Nick Green over in Durban, South Africa for a recent O’Neill Campaign shoot also on 35mm.

Into the sun – a theory I shoot to.
Lisa on Portra 400.

One of my favorites / Luke Slijpen on a Screamer from our local at Llandudno.

Dylan Swindale sliding along some Java perfection for a shoot with York surf.

Up high in a plane with an old Pal above Kaapstad.

Another ariel inspired by my Ozzy boy – Jampal / Muizenberg, South Africa

Madison – Casual morning shower overlooking Nusa Pendias amazing dreamlike landscapes.

Still waters – Melkbos beach in Cape Town water was about 14 degrees celsius.

Fellow ozzy ladies – Chelsea hooker & Maddie Neville having a lekker smoke break.

x2 of the above.

A moody shot of one of the most scenic rides in South Africa.

One of my favorite shoots done with Charlotte Nash.

Same as above x

First shoot I did at the most shot beach in Cape Town Clifton 2nd – I shot this this year haha.

This was shot on my birthday this year, Frenchie Marie Cavanna enjoying the view

Marie & Maya shot for my ‘Wild Women’ series.

Pea (Paige Snyders) What happens when you bored in ISO.

Words by Jack Bennett June 4, 2020
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