Frames: Tom Carey
Waves around the world.
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If you can surf it, chances are Tom Carey has shot it.

Growing up surrounded by surf on the California coastline, it’s clear that photographer Tom Carey has developed a great understanding of the ocean. Working for brands like Etnies, O’Neill, Quiksilver and Vans, Tom has travelled the globe extensively, capturing surfers, skaters and musicians doing their thing with a deft touch.

Playing with light and effects to give his portfolio a surreal wash to it; his work goes into deeper territory than your average surf photography and has earned him cover shots of over 40 magazines worldwide. It isn’t always easy work though, shooting (for want of a better word) has landed him in his fair share of trouble.

“A few years ago a group of us got held up by a cartel in Mexico at our house. I woke up to a Colt.35 at my head. We had AK-47s pointed at our heads for a few hours. I basically thought we were dead. It’s a helpless feeling. But I look back at it now as an awesome story to tell. We made it out alive and got some great waves that trip.”

Having mastered the art of shooting surf, Tom’s curiosity has more recently sent him down a much less troublesome path. “I love shooting dogs, to be honest. I’ve been taking a lot of studio portraits of these hounds. It’s so fun.” Seriously go check out all these pooch snaps and more on Tom’s Instagram and check out some of his favourite snaps below:

Words by Jack Bennett January 8, 2020
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