Sam Brumby
On the road in B&W.
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Bands, backstage and abroad with Sam Brumby.

Hitting the road with a bunch of mates (who also happen to famous musicians), shooting, partying, before sleeping it off and doing it all again sounds like the dream right? Well, that’s how Sydney-based photographer Sam Brumby has spent periods of the past decade and he’s got the snaps to prove it.

As you can see below, his career has seen him hit the road with the likes of Sticky Fingers, Dope Lemon, Bad//Dreems and more, with Brumby (as he is affectionately known) seemingly always there to catch the big moments. Sharing his action-packed snaps in black and white allows for minimal distraction and a memorable impact that magnifies the moment perfectly.

It’s a job that Brumby doesn’t take for granted, savouring the opportunities photography has afforded him. “It sounds cliche, but getting to see the world and develop so many great friendships with so many people has been undeniably incredible,” he says when reflecting on his favourite aspect of the craft.

Check out some of his coolest pics below and head here to follow the snaplord on Instagram:

Sticky Fingers / Daytrotter Sessions

Sticky Fingers / Montreal


Deafhaven / XPan

Sticky Fingers / Barcelona

Mark Ronson on Heartbreak

Dope Lemon / Splendour

Amyl & The Sniffers / Lansdowne

Bad Dreems / Yours and Owls Festival

Virgin Baggage Service

Seamus Jack Coyle

Paul Kelly / Opera House

Words by Harry Webber June 18, 2020
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