J. Grant Brittain
Skateboarding legend.
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J. Grant Brittain has seen it all.

Documenting the world of skateboarding since the late 1970s, Californian photographer J. Grant Brittain has shot the most famous skateboarders, at the most iconic spots, as the sport went on to become a global phenomenon.

It’s no exaggeration to say that he helped make skateboarding what it is today, having co-founded Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, with his snaps on over 60 covers of the legendary publication. “After borrowing my roommate’s camera in February of 1979, I was immediately hooked on shooting. I honed my photographic skills by shooting my friends flying out of the cement bowls over the next few years,” he says.

After wrapping up 20 years as the Senior Photographer and Photo Editor at TWS, he founded The Skate Mag where he worked for 12 years before resigning to focus on artistic, commercial and personal projects. Check out some of his most iconic shots below and head here to peep his website:

Kodak Film Rolls.

Rodney Mullen, Del Mar.

Bill Ruff

Tony Hawk 1983

Bones Brigade Chin Handplants

Gonz Series 1987

Chin Helicopter 1986

Gonz Boneless Gemco 1987

Gonz Goleta Blur 1988

Hawk Crossbone Lien, Del Mar

Hawk Goggles 1984, Del Mar

Hosoi Powerslide 1986, Del Mar

Mike Smith Acid Drop Upland 1986

Natas 88 Chrome Scan Alternate Hydrant

Natas Kaupas FS Powerslide 1987

Natas Kaupas Landing

Natas Portrait 1987, Venice

Owen Neider Sanoland

Pierre Andre 1988, Japan

Rocco No Skateboarding Push Hermas

Salton Sea Pool

Sin 1987, Del Mar

Del Mar

Tod Swank Push Del Mar 1987

May 21, 2020
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