Emy Dossett
Waves for days.
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Get me into the ocean ASAP.

It’s hard to look at Aussie surf photographer Emy Dosset’s portfolio and not want to quit your job, pick up a board and go hit the surf. The 34-year-old seems to have a knack for not only making the surf and surfers look amazing, but also making surf photography look easy – which it definitely is not.

Specialising in capturing that longboarder at just the right time, it’s Emy’s eye for the sky that makes her work stand out amongst the plethora of surf shooters. Each snap feels like it would be beautiful with or without the surfer, as the natural world is a big part of each shot’s essence. “I love to play with the alluring aesthetics of my natural surroundings, combining natural light, colour and my subject to create my dreamy, ethereal style,” she says.

Though she grew in Northern New South Wales, she currently lives in Sayulita, Mexico, which is probably why the coastline and breaks in the pics below don’t exactly seem super familiar. It sounds like the perfect place to shoot a tonne of surfing, and it was Mexico where she had one of her craziest experiences in the water.

“I was shooting at Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico last year. It was finals day and the surf was pumping! 6-8ft waves! It took me to swim 40 mins to get to where I wanted to be to shoot, fighting against the current. I was literally ten metres away when a wide set came through and I got caught in the inside, which washed me back,” she says.

“I had to swim another 15 minutes to get in position, finally making it to where I wanted to be. It was so raw and exhilarating and all the contestants were absolutely shredding. Being right in the middle of big rolling sets and amongst some of the best longboarders in the world was nothing short of amazing.”

Head here to follow Emy on Instagram and cast your eyes on some of her finest snaps below:

Mirian Ventura Esteban @venturemirian
Drifting, floating amongst the morning haze of sunrise and salt. Sayulita, Mexico.

Mirian Ventura Esteban @venturemirian
Mirian sliding by cheater 5 style.

Mirian Ventura Esteban @venturemirian
Mexican morning delights.

And some days just float by, with not a care in the world. La Lancha, Punta de Mita ~ Mexico.

With misty sunsets and sparkling light, this was a sunset I’ll never forget, Baja Ensenada, Tres Emes, Baja Mexico.

Just another normal day in Sayulita, Mexico.

Moutain layers upon ocean layers upon layers of blue. Bahia de Banderas, Mexico.

La Saladita sunrises. Magic and mesmerising.

La Saladita sunrises 2.0.

The not so forgiving barrels of El Paredon, Guatemala.

Caio Teixeira @caioteixeiradobrasil
Mexilogfest 2019, sunset expression sessions at their finest.

Brazilian babe Chloé Calmon shredding @chloecalmon

Mexilogfest 2019, sunset fires

Mantarraya @carlosrochasurf
Levitating amongst the waves

Mexiloggin loving, sunset expression session

Jasmim Avelino @jasmimavelino
Brazilian ballerina

Kaniela Stewart @kani_tsunami
Style master

Kristy Murphy @sirensurfadventures
Hanging those heels in style

Lola Mignot @lolamignot
La la la laaa lolaaaaa

Luar Stefani @luarstefani
Laying down the spray

Diego Cadena @dcadenasurf
Sweet Sayulita sunsets

Words by Harry Webber May 28, 2020
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